MOI Chocfat is a hydrogenated palm kernel oil blend with excellent palatability and keeping quality.

Recommended uses: coating fat for biscuits and wafers, filling fat for biscuits, whipping cream fat, cocoa butter substitute for moulded products.
Packaging: 15kg PE-lined carton

MOI Cocoa Butter Substitute is hydrogenated palm kernel stearin. Use in confectionery manufacture as 100% substitute for Cocoa Butter.

Recommended uses: confectionery
Packaging: 20kg PE-lined carton

This product is a premium clarified margarine oil, it offers a rich buttery flavour.

Al Falah Vegetable Ghee is very stable at high temperature.

Packaging: 5lt plastic tub in box

MOI Icecream fat is a hydrogenated coconut oil blend with excellent palatability and keeping qualities.

Recommended uses: icecream manufacturing, imitation dairy whipping cream, biscuit and wafer filling
Packaging: 15kg PE-lined carton, IBC

Arome RBD Coconut Oil is made using the finest raw materials, to produce a pure high quality finished product. Highly popular for soap making purposes.

Packaging: 15lt bag in box, 20lt open top pail, IBC